breakfast of champions

I’ve been having breakfast for dinner a lot lately. Although its been more of the eggs and pancakes variety (I think I need to start having dinner for breakfast more), its got me thinking about how cereal is sometimes the perfect snack. What was your favourite cereal growing up? What is it now?

Here’s a list of “20 Retro Cereals” that I found amusing. We weren’t allowed sugar cereal growing up, so I was pretty limited to Cheerios, Shreddies or Corn flakes, which still are my favourite today. However, I am a cereal mixer now. Have any good cereal combinations?



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10 responses to “breakfast of champions

  1. I used to love when my mom would periodically bring home those packs of individual boxes of cereal, which opened along the side and you would pour milk right into the box! I didn’t care what kind of cereal I was eating, as long as it was in one of those little boxes. I was a sucker for packaging in those days.

    Now I favour old man cereal – spoon-sized Shredded Wheat, Fibre One. And the scary part is, I like the taste. Gotta have banana and blueberries though.

  2. ali

    We were a sugarless cereal house, too. Cornflakes and wheat Cheerios were the favourites, although I never eat them now. These days I’m pretty monogamous with Dorset muesli. So tasty!

  3. Barb: I forgot about those little packs! We use to get them when we went on holiday. It was always a trick to open they properly, so the milk didn’t spill. I think I am still a sucker for packaging.

    Cereal topped with a little fruit is always better!

    Ali: I like to sprinkle that on top of my Cheerios. Or a little Harvest Crunch. Mmm. I think I might have a have cereal for lunch now!

  4. kelly

    I use to love count chocula, it was a rare treat. Now I have large flake oatmeal with a scoop of protein powder and a banana in it.

    I’ve also been liking fibre 1 with applesauce.

  5. I’ve never been able to stomach oatmeal.

    Applesauce and cereal, eh? Hmm…interesting. May have to try that.

  6. f

    Smurfberry Crunch was my absolute favorite cereal of all time. They only made it for a brief time, however.

    I liked Quisp too because it was like Cap N Crunch but it didn’t tear up your mouth as bad.

  7. I remember Smurfberry Crunch, mainly the box. We never had it.

    I’ve never heard of Quisp before…was it discontinued?

  8. f

    It’s currently in limited distribution, but you can order it off the internet ;)

  9. iduality

    Of course. I guess the better question would be, what can’t you order off the internet? :)

  10. kelly

    you can’t order Rogomme…I tried

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