right foot followed by her left foot

On select Wednesday’s this summer I’ve been running an arts program for kids at the museum. Today was the last one – a pottery workshop. Luckily, I’ve been able to mess around with clay all week in preparation, and today things went swimmingly. I love seeing the creativity that comes from it. Not one vase or bowl in sight; hybrid creatures, a grocery store produce section (complete with mohawks) , and even a few aliens.

I remember when I was a kid and went to art camp, we had a clay class and I made finger puppets. You know, ceramic finger puppets are so usable. I think my dad still has them on his desk at work.

I also learned this summer that I have to stop saying I have horrible balance.

I am a master at stilts. Truly. There were witnesses and everything.

Something you’ve learned lately?



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6 responses to “right foot followed by her left foot

  1. kelly

    what were you doing on stilts, do you need them to reach the top shelf?

    I never cared if I actually made something out of clay, I just loved the feel of it in my hands.

    I racked my brains only to discover I haven’t learned anything new lately…that is so dissapointing

  2. iduality

    Ha. No, I’m actually quite tall. We have wooden stilts that we bring to events and use for programs like this. Kids and adults love them.

    Yeah, that’s pretty much how today went. Nice big mess and I wasn’t even bothered that I was the one to clean it up, as it was so much fun to use the clay.

  3. f

    Umm… yeah, not gonna talk about clay ;)

    Excelsior on the stilts, I am surprised.

    Recently I learned that making hip hop beats is deceptively simple. Simple to make a beat but difficult to make a great one.

    I also learned that drywall is definitely not something you want to eat.

  4. iduality

    Ha ha ha! I thought of that today actually. ;)

    As was I. Surprisingly better with eyes closed. I need to get some photographic evidence.

    Look forward to a Dieter hip hop remix once you’ve master the art.

    I would imagine. Also awkward to carry.

  5. You never fail to amaze. Stilts? I am impressed and I bow to your bravery and balance whilst on stick.

    I learned that two-step wallpaper removal, although slower, is infinitely superior to my old method.

  6. iduality

    Thank-you. I think the physio balance exercises are helping. :)

    I salute you on the wallpaper removal. That can be a tricky bugger. Hopefully the painting goes a bit quicker.

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