the cleaning lady? she cleans up…dust. she dusts.


It’s Saturday morning and you don’t have to be anywhere. You’re not even bothered that your internal alarm clock woke you up at 7am, because you are free to stay in bed.. Wait, it’s cold. It was 32’C when you went to bed, but you’re freezing under the sheet now. You curl into a ball to get warm. Bah. Now you have to go to the washroom.

Tiptoeing out of bed, avoiding the pile of clothes on the floor. Really, a pile would be putting it mildly, it’s a mountain. You really should put up that shelving you bought the last week. It’s been sitting at the front door, next to the primed wood panels, just waiting for you. Later. You’ll get to it later. Finish in the bathroom, washing the taste of the night out of your mouth and hurry back to bed grabbing a throw blanket from the floor on your way for warmth. You take a running jump to the bed, to avoid the mountain, crash on the bed and fall back asleep.

A few hours later you wake up and it’s apparent that the mountain of clothing can’t be ignored any longer. This then turns into a 3 hour cleaning fest of the entire flat and shelving installation. A steam mop is even brought for the final touch to the floor. Now of course you can’t find anything and have a bruise on your knee from slipping on the clean floor mere minutes after it was polished.

Lunch is made and a decision upon how to spend the rest of the day is figured out. A trip to the farmer’s market, then to Broadway and Main in downtown Vancouver, followed by some type of iced alcoholic beverage by the water for the evening. You make the rounds on the interweb; blogs, check e-mail and peruse Facebook to see what you’ve missed while you’ve been sleeping. Contemplate updating status with daily itinerary, but decided against it. The people who comment on things anyway will read this post eventually.  Also, no one really cares what you ate for lunch.

Finish typing up this post.


What do you end up doing on a lazy weekend morning?



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5 responses to “the cleaning lady? she cleans up…dust. she dusts.

  1. kelly

    I went for a forest hike with jake the jerk dog in seal bay.

    What did you have for lunch?

  2. I was wondering the same thing, Kelly.

    I woke up 5 minutes before the alarm, drove the offspring up to the university to write her exam, hung around reading the newspaper and creeping out the front desk staff at the hotel where I waited for her to finish, drove home at break-neck speed, changed into wedding garb and hoofed it over to the wedding in Whoville, lugging a cake dome and tix to Alcatrez with me. All before noon.

  3. Kelly: Sounds relaxing. I was thinking of going for a hike in Golden Ears park today, but it’s 33 degrees…perhaps after dinner.

    Pita and hummus with mixed veg and fruit.

    Barb: I hope the wedding was enjoyable to make up for the busy morning, and that you can relax today. Whoville?!?! There’s a place called Whoville in Alberta? Wow. Alberta has the best names.

  4. Sorry, I mislead you. The wedding was actually in my neighbourhood. I just called it Whoville because of the way the house was decorated for the wedding. 100% Dr Seuss. It was incredible.

  5. D’oh! And I knew that too. That’s awesome! Hope you’ll post some pictures.

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