7 random pictures i snapped that made me smile today

♥ street art.

antique shops sandwiched between a tea shop? no wonder i love main street.

mmm chai. some of the best in the city at east is east.

i wonder what ever happened to my doorknob documentary?

first round of mojitos. followed by yummy plantains.

oh irony.

puppets creepier?



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5 responses to “7 random pictures i snapped that made me smile today

  1. I would kill for some East is East chai right now. We have to go there again in Sept!

    You have a doorknob documentary? Tell me more!

  2. bloody awful poetry

    I want to live with you. Can this be arranged? Also street art for the win!

  3. Barb: Most definitely! I didn’t know there was one on Main street until yesterday, we should wander there instead of Kits. We can visit Red Cat Records too!

    I think I posted it once on my old blog…made it in film school but I’m not sure where the actual video is now. :(

    BAP: Ha! Welcome for a visit anytime. :) You’d probably get a kick out of Main street too. Lots of good music shops as well!

    Van has some great street art. A lot of buildings have commissioned artists to paint murals on their buildings. I’ll have to take more pictures soon.

  4. kelly

    the texture in the last one is beautiful. If you don’t mind I’m going to save that one and play with it a bit.

  5. iduality

    Photoshop away!

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