7 random pictures that made me smile today {part xvi} & a question


How do you feel about puppets?

The museum has hundreds of puppets and sets to go along with each story, which were once used in the library. I thought it would make for an interesting exhibit, but not sure if a room full of puppets is too creepy. Thoughts?



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10 responses to “7 random pictures that made me smile today {part xvi} & a question

  1. kelly

    puppets like chucky?

    I think it will be a wonderful display. You can tell stories to kids about what puppets do at night and how the eyes follow you around the room.

  2. No, like Casey and Finnegan. :)

    Ha! Yes, that would cement a return visit for sure. Did I mention I dislike puppets? Thankfully they’re not porcelain dolls. So. Much. Worse.

  3. Puppets are inherently creepy. Except maybe Muppets. But there could very well be a lot of appeal in that too. You could offer a special tour during Hallowe’en, with the lights dimmed or maybe only candlelight. I shoulda been a carny…

  4. Speaking of creepy, how about picture 5?

    And yes, do the puppet thing. Creepy is good.

  5. fleuris

    Creeeeepy. Although I have an inherent fear of people behind costumes…. especially the mascot kind. We went to see Just for Laughs with Eve and the JFL mascot was there – this guy:

    I about crapped myself. I can’t handle that…

    Then I saw this video and it confirmed my fears:

    There’s no accountability when you’re dressed up and anonymous like that!!!!!!1

    So um… I vote no.

    Although I’m a minority. Pupaphobia :(

  6. Barb: Since I just installed the underclothes exhibit, this one won’t be going in until next spring, but I like that Hallowe’en aspect.

    John: I know, right. I love it under picture 4 too. Makes it a bit creepier. :)

    Fleur: I to am frightened by certain mascots. The Burger King one especially. I agree that the JFL one is scary too!

    Ah!! I would have screamed and then probably tripped over air if I had been walking by that banana.

    It still has to pass through a couple other people, and they to might have Pupaphobia. So we’ll see. :)

  7. f

    Not many people know the original James Bond was from Spain.

    I think Puppets can be creepy, but if you arrange them correctly you can take the creep out of ’em.Well, most of the creep anyway.

  8. kelly

    I was just thinking in all seriousness, for Halloween you could do a creepy puppet thing with recorded creepy music and noises, fake smoke, maybe a few well positioned red lights behind the puppets, a bit of story telling etc.

  9. F: Marcello Mastroianni stared in some of my favourite films. Love him.

    I’m hoping that the set design will take the creep out. Hopefully.

    Kelly: I think that would really creep kids out, and I don’t want to cause trauma. I think that doing something for Hallowe’en is a great idea though. Have a great storyteller in mind too.

  10. kelly

    you say it like creeping kids out is a bad thing?

    I suppose it’s a good thing i’m not in charge

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