Wondering how I managed to wake up with two charlie horses in my calves. Must be up to sleep acrobatics again.

Looking forward to seeing Scott Pilgrim vs. The World this Friday. Even though Michael Cera plays the same role in every movie, I hear good things about the supporting cast and soundtrack.

The seawall is under construction so another tandem bike ride is out, therefore contemplating a trip to Bowen Island this weekend.

Still smiling over the successful install of the street art I helped to create. Pictures to follow soon.

Undecided if only having the students for three more weeks is a good, or bad thing.

I never thought I’d be this excited for buttons to arrive in the post.

Thinking that drinks that come with ‘baby bottle-like’ lids should be discontinued. I’m looking at you, Powerade.

Pondering if I should buy a digital SLR, or a new phone…or neither. What piece of technology do you use the most (besides the computer)?

Currently…you are?



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5 responses to “currently…

  1. El cap

    Powerade comes with a baby bottle like lid in Canada?

    I am currently getting crazy with studio technology and making a weird techno song called “Kill Me For Drug Money” and I am also looking forward to SPvW but mostly because of Edgar Wright directing.

  2. The non individual bottles come with twist off lids, but the rest have the plastic nib things (similar to a squirt water bottle). I’ve seen them in the US too.

    Sounds like fun experimenting. That Dieter track was stuck in my head for days, by the way. Hilarious. =)

  3. kelly

    charlie horses like cramps in the muscles? I get those sometimes they wake me up instantly and are quite painful. Sometimes the arch of my foot will cramp too and bend down at an uncomfortable angle. I find they don’t happen if I remember to drink lots of water and take calcium and magnesium.

    Currently I’m having mom visiting from Regina. I bring her out once or twice a year. She is recovering from yet another back surgery and now waiting for another knee replacement so her mobility is limited, good visit none the less but I do find it exhausting having anybody stay in the house for more than a couple days.

    I’m cursing that I had to buy a new computer because my old one fried itself. Fortunately all data off hard drive was intact.

    I probably use my phone most because I make phone calls every day. My phone is a basic motorola something or other. I tend to only make phone calls from it. There are 3 people I text and even then I tend to give up and call them because the font is small and my eyes aren’t as young as they use to be. I have a digital SLR which is very nice but I tend to grab the small point and shoot because it goes in my pocket. The SLR not so easy. If you are better at using it than I am, buy the camera.

  4. I’m pretty old school. Aside from the computer, the technology that I use most would probably be the radio (permanently tuned to CBC of course). Oh and the microwave! I was astounded, when it was being repaired last year, how hog-tied I felt without it.

  5. iduality

    Kelly: Yeah, muscle cramps. Been stretching but they’re still there, they’ll go away soon I’m sure.

    A speedy recovery for your mom, and I hope the knee replacement goes well! I’ve had family members have that surgery, and it’s rough.

    I use my SLR quite a bit, and already have lots of lenses to use, I’d just like the digital aspect. I only wish it didn’t come with such a price tag…

    Barb: I do use the radio quite a bit, now that you mention it. It’s funny when you take that bit of technology away you realize how much you actually used it. The Boy doesn’t have a microwave, I’m not sure how he does it.

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