hips to the shoulders

One thing that will make or break a wedding reception?

Okay, two things.

Music and food.

If they’re both bad it makes things a little tense.

At the rehearsal dinner on Friday night a about half a dozen people got food poisoning. So we were thrilled to get to the wedding reception to realize that it was the same catering company as the night before. This point was passed around after we started eating, but you could tell even before you took a bite that your pores would be seeping out butter for the next few days, and the mystery sauce would be coming up later. So we stuck to bread and veg, and soldiered on focusing our attention on gearing up to dance.

Note: If I ever hear Jack Johnson again, it will be too soon.

I could count on one hand the good dance like songs this ‘DJ’ played. Mostly it was all horribly slow country tunes (and no one was slow dancing); a very sad scene. Yet out of the 11 tables, our table danced all the fast ones, even the bad ones in hopes that the other guests would join in, and they did for the most part. At one point the mother of the groom gave us a piece of paper and told us to fill out requests so we could keep dancing in order to rally the crowd.

I’m lucky the Boy is a good dancer, and out dances me most of the time. Between the Boy and the Boy’s flatmate they kept us going.

The song that will get you up and dancing at a party, no matter what?



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13 responses to “hips to the shoulders

  1. kelly

    sounds like the wedding was a bit of a bust, unfortunate, considering you travelled for it.

    I am not a good dancer, I even tried dance lessons once….I was dismal. I was not to bad until music started, but that screwed me up. I think I must have partially fused hips or something, they don’t seem to be able to move to music. I was flipping channels and saw some of the dancing in that dance competition show that’s on right now….wow. I always blamed my inability on being white but that’s gone now.

    I tend to get up and dance when I’m told I must. Not any particular song, I might be more willing for certain songs. Brown-eyed Girl for one.

  2. ali

    Food poisoning and Jack Johnson…lucky you! ;-)

    Sounds like you made the best of a bad situation anyway. I’m sure you looked fab, too! I’ll need outfit pics at some point!

    Also, no ‘caterer’ should ever use ‘mystery sauce’. Yuck.

  3. Kelly: It was a bit of a bummer, however after the rehearsal dinner (before the food poisoning set in for most), it was a fun night.

    My friends instruction for those who don’t dance: “A little hips, a little shoulders and shake. Repeat.”

    Brown Eyed Girl was played this weekend, it got people up.

    Ali: I know, right?

    I think I have a couple pictures, due to the vibe we didn’t have the cameras out that much. Perhaps if you rejoin FB again they’ll surface. ;)


  4. f

    Too many to name, but one of them is…

    Michael Jackson – Workin Day and Night

  5. Good choice. The only MJ they played this weekend was Thriller. Some of his other tunes would have been welcome.

  6. kelly

    How about…

    The tune that makes you most want to do very harmful things to the DJ?

    Bird Dance.(shudder)
    Macaroni (or something like that)

  7. The Macarena…yeah that one is special.

    Love Shack by the B 52s makes me irritable.

  8. Kelly

    I kinda like that one. I’m guessing you don’t like Rock Lobster either?

  9. iduality

    That would be correct.

  10. Will

    You are right on both counts, especially the music! Which is why for my wedding, the DJ is an iPod and we pick all the tunes.

  11. iduality

    I think that is the way to go! I kept wishing I had my ipod to hook up to the speakers.

  12. Since they mostly play older music at weddings and such and since they always stick to songs everybody knows, the ones that will always get me up dancing in those circumstances would be ones like Joe Jackson’s I’m the Man, Elvis Costello’s What’s So Funny Bout Peace Love & Understanding and Blondie’s Tide is High.

    Unless of course I have food poisoning.

  13. What I would have given to hear some Elvis Costello! Great choice.

    There is a lot of older music at wedding, isn’t there? This needs to change.

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