I have this thing with buttons.

Some people collect coins, stamps, salt and pepper shakers, but not I. No,  I collect buttons…and then use them in art projects.

Most times I buy in bulk (you know, just in case). Like today, where I purchased over 200 multi-colour buttons for an art project I’m working on for the reasonable price of $70. This may seem like a lot for buttons and maybe it is, but I just paid off a hefty student loan I should be able to reward myself right? Yeah with um buttons…

Hmmm…I think I need to get out more.

Your last indulgent purchase?



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6 responses to “cabochons

  1. Weird, I recently posted this as a comment on someone else’s blog:

    I finally paid off my student loans and became debt free as of April of this year. I got myself through it by telling myself that when I paid everything off, I would get myself something from this store:
    or this:

    In the end, I became so frugal I still haven’t bought it because I don’t want to fork over the $50!!!

    So awesome that you paid off your student loans! Doesn’t it feel great???! :)

  2. Congrats on paying off all of your student loans, Fleur! You deserve the $50 ring, my friend. :)

    I only paid off my OSAP but it was over 12K so that’s an achievement for me. Onto my MA debt now. It does feel good, I can’t wait until the rest is paid off!

  3. kelly

    $70!!!! for buttons? Ok it is one of those “in the eye of the beholder” sort of things. Maybe all of us who get extra buttons on our shirts when we buy them should send them to you?

    How would you describe an indulgent purchase?
    You ask this question at a difficult time because on Friday I purchased something

    Now I feel guilty and self-indulgent because you are still dealing with student loans and are only spending $70 and I spent slightly more.

    But it doesn’t have satellite radio.

  4. 200 very special buttons though! That’d be great, I’m always collecting. ;)

    I thought your next vehicle was going to have satellite radio? Well, despite the lack of satellite hope you enjoy your new ride!

    It was my choice to go to school and travel, paying for it now, but wouldn’t have had it any other way.

  5. I was thinking the same as Kelly, that I have a whole pile of extra buttons that are yours for the asking.

    My last extravagance was a gravel driveway in Manitoba. Now is that sexy, or what?

    I’m still marvelling at how you managed to pay off your OSAP loan so quickly.

  6. I might have to grab those next time I visit. :)

    Very sexy! I can’t wait until you host the summer blogger retreat at your cottage.

    Lots of ramen for dinner.

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