7 random pictures that made me smile today {part xv}



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6 responses to “7 random pictures that made me smile today {part xv}

  1. f

    Great! I need to take some pictures near the recording studio downtown, some great graffiti art there.

  2. Please do and share. :) There’s some great street art in Van these days, I need to get out and photograph some more myself.

  3. Ha! Love the Smiths declaration! The colours are awfully pleasing as well.

    I also find myself intrigued by the lighted coastal highway picture. It fills me with a huge sense of deja vu for some reason.

  4. Love the colours on that one too. I’m in a teal phase these days.

    It reminded me of my California coast roadtrip. There is something about headlights on the road, at night, that always fill me with a sense of nostalgia.

  5. kelly

    As I mentioned before, night driving is a comforting thing to me. Also being on the motorcycle at night there are more smells and you feel the changes in temperature as you go up and down every hill. It’s hard to explain about being in your own world within the reach of your headlights

  6. iduality

    Definitely is. Not being able to put it fully into words is part of the mystery.

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