you could drive a car through my head…

I hear a truck’s engine start in the driveway.

My eyelids start to stir from the light streaming through the crack of the open curtain. Mental calculation based on truck’s start time everyday of the week tells me it’s just past 7am, which means I don’t have to open my eyes for another 10 minutes. Eyelid stir stops as I rebury my head back into the corner of the pillow attempting to fall back into dream state. Why were they ewoks roaming the hall of my elementary school again?

Merely wondering that thought jostles something in my brain. Now the ewoks remind me of the Cap Bridge treetop forest and the last time there when I wasn’t feeling so well. If only I had went to the doctors then perhaps this wouldn’t be happening now. Still waiting for a call on the next round. I have to make a list of calls today for work to cancel that workshop too. No theatre for you kids, only fun with clay now. Buy air dry clay. Should take tea in with me this morning, so at least the caffeine will make me partially social to speak with the newspaper people. Must put cranky curmudgeon feelings aside. Cur-mudg-eon. I love how that word sounds. I need to finish that gargoyle painting too…

My eyelids no longer feel heavy as my mind has awakened them with random thoughts buzzing around, blowing away sleep. I open them reluctantly, squinting to adjust to the light. My clock has 1 minute before the alarm is to go off. I turn it off before I hear the sound. I do this every morning, why do I even bother setting it in the first place. Because the day you don’t, is the day you will over sleep. Right.

Tomorrow I should just get up when I hear the truck’s engine start.



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10 responses to “you could drive a car through my head…

  1. f

    Posts like this are the reason I love your blog.

  2. iduality

    Thank-you! Joyce was onto something with the stream of consciousness thing…

  3. kelly

    tomorrow is saturday will the truck be starting so early?

  4. kelly

    no it isn’t!

  5. iduality

    Yes, today is only Thursday, sadly. My weekend alarm clock are the children upstairs. Stomp. Stomp. Crash. Cry. Stomp. Stomp.

    I fear choreographed dance lessons in the near future…

  6. kelly

    you need sleep drugs

  7. no, decent sound proofing would do.

    i find sleep aids don’t really work anyway.

  8. Living under someone else’s children kills the weekend. Thankfully the truck is a weekday thing, but did you ever figure out the ewok question?

  9. It does. However, now that I’m up earlier on the weekends, I’m much more productive.

    I did not. I’ve had ewoks in my dreams all week! Odd, actually. First they were being captured by one of my old profs from university. Hopefully, the school-themed-ewok dreams will end soon.

  10. kelly

    in an area of the forest were I live we had a thing that we called Ewok Village. Kids bulit a series of platforms walkways etc about 20 ft up in the trees. It was torn down eventually due to the number of fires and the garbage

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