as if you didn’t know that it would sting

I can’t handle the cross-country trip and all the visiting that ensues in just three days anymore. It’s too much, and in 99% humidity…I’m so happy to be back in BC. Next time I go back east, it will be for 10 days plus. The short weekend trips were bound to catch up with me eventually.

Despite the heat and exhaustion, it was a good, albeit short, visit. Saturday was more emotionally taxing than I thought it was going to be, which seems silly, as it was after all a memorial service. I’m not sure what I thought it was going to be like, but even so, it was good to see the whole family as it’s so rare that we’re all together.

When I landed in Vancouver last night, I made a quick stop back at my flat, then I was out the door again to see Wolf Parade at the Vogue Theatre.

2 bands down and only 6 to go in the ‘Bands I need to see before I die’ category.

I haven’t really processed the whole experience just quite yet. I will say that they were brilliant, and exceeded my expectations. I went with another WP super fan (who had seen them twice already), and she said this was their best performance. I was happy to have seen them at this point in their career, and playing a hometown show. I love that they set up their own equipment and took the time to talk with fans before and after the show as well; quite possibly some of the friendliest people. Oh, and I thought Wayne Petti was the skinniest man in Canadian indie rock, well he looses to Dan Boeckner.

Planning to write a full review later, but wanted to mention the opening band Moools; a three-piece from Japan who rocked everyone’s socks off. Didn’t really matter than we couldn’t understand a lick of what they were saying, the music more than made up for that. Killer guitar riffs, too. I’m looking forward to taking a full listen to their latest album.



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2 responses to “as if you didn’t know that it would sting

  1. Intellectually I still understand the oppressive humidity of Ontario, but I know that physiologically they would be the death of me. I am now a lot more adjusted to the semi-desert.

    I’m glad to hear that Wolf Parade was everything that you had hoped. Even better when the opener is killer! Friends in town saw they show on Thursday and said it was amazing, even if it went on half the night.

  2. It’s my third summer without humidity, and I don’t miss it one bit. I kept waiting for it to cool down at night, like it does here, and still it was hot and sticky. Thankfully, I didn’t encounter any mosquitoes though.

    I love it when an opening bands impresses you! It really was an amazing show; they played every song I could have hoped for, and so much energy. Glad your friends enjoyed the show too!

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