gather round

There is something really calming about taking a night flight.

It’s a much more relaxing vibe. I try to travel at night as much as I can, as it’s the best way to maximize your time under a tight schedule, but I also like traveling in my pj’s.

When I was flying from Smithers to Palm Springs last summer, trying to get to my family, I was seated in seat 7D on all 3 flights, and in 1 on the return. Guess what seat I’m in tonight? 7D.

Bit weird.

I’ll share one story with you that I’ve written so far for the eulogy.

The “undomestic goddess” you said you were. Still,  there was always homemade spaghetti sauce when we came to visit and fresh lemon squares, but when someone complained about your ironing…well you would arch that eyebrow and tell the story of Jack. Jack complained about your ironing skills, specifically that you would never get his collars clean or straight enough. Then one day after he came home from work, he uncovered that you had cut all the collars off his shirts.

Jack did his own ironing from then on.


This made me smile today.

What’s something that made you smile, or laugh this week?



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4 responses to “gather round

  1. kelly

    i agree about night flights. This is somewhat coincidental because I’ve been thinking recently about driving and how I enjoy driving at night, not just about town but long drives, many hours. There is an almost cacoon-ish feeling in the car, the glow of the dashboard lights. I often wonder about the other headlights I see, especially when it’s past midnight. Where are they going? What’s there story? etc. Good grief I just blew a blog subject and I so rarely have one.

    Love the ironing story. I don’t know if I would do that. I often find shoes all over the house and she has a lot of shoes and sandals which she changes often. She also fails to put them away. A couple days ago I took all the ones that were not on the rack and lined them up from the front door in a stepping pattern as far as they would go towards the bedroom…she laughed and got the hint.

    The glass object in this post…where is it from?

  2. I might have to take back everything I said about night flights. Had the worse flight to TO; ill and sitting next to chatty kathy’s and then my luggage got torn to shreds. On the plus side; $100 off my next flight.

    I like driving at night, too. Especially if its misty rain outside and there are good tunes on the stereo. You can always elaborate in a post later. :)

    I don’t know if I would either, but sure got the point across. Ha! That’s great. I’m going to have to steal that idea with the Boy. I’m constantly tripping over his shoes.

    The glass heart? I found it on a tumblr page…

    Think it was linked from ffffound.

  3. What a shame to hear that your seatmate wanted to talk all night! Not kosher on a night flight!

    I enjoy night driving only if someone else is doing the driving, as my night vision is pretty crappy. Too many phantoms jumping in front of the car.

    But I do love the story you wrote for the eulogy. Makes me admire your grandmother all the more!

  4. One of my worst flights, and I’m normally a good flyer. I think I’m coming down with something though, can’t seem to shake this fever. I’ll blame talkative seatmate. ;)

    It is nice being the passenger at night, too.

    Thanks! Many more stories like that, I think it will be a good day to visit with all the family and share in the memories.

    I hope you have a great weekend at the Folk Fest!

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