wallpaper included

Is it really that hard to change the toilet paper roll?

Apparently my work cleaning schedule needs a picture guide.



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6 responses to “wallpaper included

  1. I think you need to take a hickory switch in to work with you and whip a few legs with it. You may be surprised at how quickly they then understand the concept of toilet paper roll changing.

  2. Ha ha! I just might have to do that with the students. What happens when the picture above is done by your boss? Repeatedly…

  3. ali

    Annoying, but the real question is, when they do change the roll do they put the flap of paper on the correct side of the roll?

    The boy and I have an ongoing battle about this. We both flip it around every time we set foot in the bathroom.


  4. iduality

    Ha! Well, my boss and I do this too. I have the flap of paper facing down and behind, so when you roll it, it doesn’t give too much off.

    Perhaps to avoid this, we should just do away with the roll entirely? :)

  5. kelly

    replace it with an old catalog? Something not so nice and pillowy soft on the bum. You could keep your own personal stash of course.

  6. iduality

    I like that idea. There are plenty of old catalogues hanging around…

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