Still marveling at how enjoyable Inception was. I need to watch Memento again now. It’s one of my all time favourite films. I recall watching it the summer before I went to film school and I was so enthralled; it somehow reaffirmed that  my choice was right.

Excited to go see The Vaselines at the Biltmore in October. The next few months have some great concerts; Wolf Parade, The National…(handclaps)

Bummed that my Art History class is coming to a close this week, but excited that my print making class starts up in September. Lithographs for everyone as Xmas gifts this year, btw.

Trying to put together a road trip mix. I’ll be heading into the interior of BC in two weeks for a wedding, and I need songs that reflect that drive (no straight roads thing). Do you find your road trip mixes change based on location?  Mine do. Suggestions welcome.

Getting ready to head to the airport in a few hours to drop off the Boy. I’m heading back to Ontario on Wednesday for a few days. We’re having the burial for my grandparents.  I’m expected to write something, but I just haven’t been able to put anything to writing. Everytime I start composing something in my head, it ends up with too many jokes, which I know she would have appreciated, but seems wrong? I dunno what to say.

Currently…you are?



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  1. f

    Currently I are:

    Thinking I need to see Inception again.

    Recording a renaissance band at a studio in Tempe.

    Wondering when Arcade Fire is gonna leak.

    Road trip mixes depend on where I am road tripping to and who I am road tripping with, but a Beatles tune usually makes its way onto every one.

  2. I think I’m going to have to see it again, too. I’m glad I saw it for the first time in the cinema; great film to watch with a collective audience. While I do enjoy the Batman movies, I am looking forward to Nolan’s next original screenplay.

    I saw a renaissance band perform in Scotland…in a pub. Was fun.

    That AF album…two weeks to actual release. They are keeping it under wraps pretty well. *fist shake*

    Johnny Cash usually makes it on to every one of mine. This one is proving to be a bit more difficult for some reason. Not sure why.

  3. kelly


    cleaning out the camper

    contemplating getting a newer (newer than my 1992 gas guzzler) truck.

    deciding what BBQ sauce to make to go with the chicken that is sitting in the brine

    drinking club soda….so refreshing

    Road trip music, I usually grab a handful of CD’s and then forget to take them, so I rely on radio which is why I like the idea of satellite radio

    Both grandparents?

  4. Wish I could help on the bbq with chicken front…but can’t remember when I last had meat. I do wish I had a bbq though; I miss grilling veggies and corn.

    I’m beginning to think that satellite radio is not a bad idea. Perhaps for my next car…

    My grandmother passed away last June, and her husband 6 months before her. They lived in California, so we’re finally just having the burial back in Toronto. We were suppose to have it last summer for him but then she died, so we’re doing it now.

    Hope cleaning the camper is successful!

  5. currently:
    – trying to get caught up on all the internetery that I missed
    – preparing for folk fest
    – celebrating with the RO that Stampede is over!

    I agree that road mixes change with the voyage. Saskatchewan stretches seem to call for death country mixed with some trippy Sonic Youth or Black Mountain.

    I would suggest avoiding anything too handclappy for those winding roads/

    If the jokes keep coming for your grandparents’ eulogy, I would simply go with it, especially if you know you will have approval from beyond.

  6. I’m heading out on Wednesday as well– Newfoundland. Safe travels!

  7. Barb: I heard there were quite a few disasters at this years Stampede. Glad it’s over too!

    I’ve been keeping the handclaps to a minimum – that’s probably why the mix feels off. :)

    Hoping something will come to me over the next week, have to free up the mind a bit.

    John: To you as well. Enjoy the coast!

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