hard feelings

How many chances to do give someone before you have to just go ahead and fire them? 2 or 3?

I’m struggling with this at the moment, as I have one student who is just…not working out.

Have you ever had to fire someone?



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5 responses to “hard feelings

  1. f

    Depends on how bad they screwed up, or what they did/didn’t do. If it is someone who has screwed up a bit but you can tell they are trying hard, give ’em a few chances. If they just don’t care, I say sack ’em.

  2. First time it wasn’t that bad, more of an annoyance. Second time it was a rather large mistake involving the security of the museum. At first I thought they were trying, now I’m not so sure…one more chance though. Hopefully that choice doesn’t come and bite me in the ass.

  3. kelly

    I think it depends on circumstance. How bad are screw ups? Do they learn from screw ups? Does it take a lot of time away from your job fixing it? How does he/she compare with others? Do they feel bad about it and try to fix it?

    Overall I’m glad it’s you and not I who has to deal with it. I’m sure it’s stressful

  4. It’s never easy, but if it is causing tensions amongst their coworkers, then you have to just go ahead and let them go. I’ve had to only fire one person, but I have also had to refuse to give letters of recommendation to a couple others. The firing was horrid, the letting the slackers know I could not recommend their work was quite satisfying.

  5. iduality

    Kelly: Frustrating task to say the least. I’m hoping things have turned a corner now, we’ll see how the next little bit goes.

    Barb: I’m hoping I won’t have to deal with the letter of recommendation at this point, for this particular person, just because things are so tense. In another month, it would probably be satisfying to say no. ;)

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