fist shake to you, flu

Boy makes Girl lovely picnic lunch and surprises her at work.

Girl throws up on Boy’s shoes before even having a bite of lunch.

The Boy’s crestfallen face shall be embedded in the Girl’s memory for a long while.

Girl continues to throw up all the way to the car. Girl believes that leaving the pile of vomit on work steps  might have ensured tomorrow off.

Boy fetches bucket and cleans up all trailing bits of vomit with a hose, tucks Girl into car and heads home. Remarks that the vomit doesn’t even smell that bad.

Girl thinks that Boy is a keeper.

How was your day?



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5 responses to “fist shake to you, flu

  1. If misery loves company, you may be happy to know I’m on day 10 of a cold– or cold plus ear and sinus infections as I was told today, so I feel your pain. And it hurts. In my ear. Let’s get better, ‘kay?

  2. kelly

    much better than yours and the boys. (Damn I am never sure how sentences like this should be; your and the boys? your’s and the boy’s, yous twos)?

    I backed a travel trailer into it’s narrow spot on first try so it was a successful day!

  3. John: I’m sorry to hear that. Ear and sinus infections are the worse. Agreed, hope you start to feel better soon! I’m hoping I can keep down solid food today. Baby steps…

    Kelly: Excellent! I’m always amazed when people can maneuver trailers. I’d definitely need someone to direct me, I’m so used to driving my compact car these days.

  4. f

    In Japan throwing up on someone is a sign of true love.

  5. Ha. I will have to pass that along. :)

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