if only



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7 responses to “if only

  1. Fleur

    Oh gosh. I love these. I want the last one on a t-shirt.

  2. Me too. Add remakes to that list as well.

    Very aesthetically pleasing too, aren’t they? There a bunch more here…


  3. ali

    “Your” and “You’re”. Some day, some glorious day, people will learn. Until then I will continue to seethe quietly inside.

  4. What a perfect world that would be! While we are wishing for the impossible, let’s also dream of a world where people can differentiate among there, their, and they’re as well.

  5. kelly

    I don’t know why, because I am not the most eloquent person with the best grammar. the your vs. you’re one drives me nuts.

    I also get irritated when people, particularly newscaster types say “Febuary” as opposed to “February” unless I’m wrong and the r is silent. Also, Wednesday…is it really pronounced Wensday? Am I the one that sounds like a dork?

  6. Ali: Whenever I see that used improperly I think of that SATC episode. :)

    Barb: Yes! Those must be added to the list. So simple…

    Kelly: I was always under the impression that the “r” was supposed to be pronounced “wer”, at least that’s what I recall learning, and how I’ve been saying it! I say Wednesday, Wednesday…hmmm.

  7. kelly

    ok then I’m not the only one that sounds like a dork…phew

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