Cozying up to the fireplace. Yes, it is July. Wouldn’t exactly know that here.

Thinking that it can’t have been a year since she passed away.

Looking up flats to rent with studio space.

Procrastinating from cleaning. I do have an excuse; pulled my back working yesterday. Amazingly the dishes don’t seem to care about this fact. Perhaps a kitchen robot wouldn’t be a bad idea. No, I take that back.

Really looking forward to actual downtime. An hour before bed is just not cutting it lately. Reason for my blog neglect too.

Thrilled over the progress of the street art mosaics the museum is helping to design. Hopefully I’ll be able to share them soon.

Realising how much the CBC loves the Queen. Or covering her visit at least. Maybe I’ve been turning on the news at exactly the same time each day this week, but she’s been everywhere.

Thinking smoothie. Mango.

Still mourning the loss of Ninja Video.

Currently…you are?



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4 responses to “currently…

  1. kelly

    fireplace? seriously? Unless you got some weird cold front running through there…you are a wuss! Not so bad here, patio doors are open, went for a bike ride tonight. I really do enjoy cooler weather, makes me much more lively.

    A friend sent over home made baked beans and angel food cake….I am happy and no I’m not having them together.

    I’ve spent the last while at the gym doing extensive core work on the regular ball and the bosu ball. Many things are starting to come together. I really do believe that exercise is 75% mental and 25% physical.

  2. I had it on for 30 mins or so to warm my place up, its been pretty chilly in the evenings and the dampness doesn’t help my joint pain. Cold, I don’t mind, but the chilly damp is hard.

    Yum. Haven’t had angel food cake in ages.

    Completely agree! I’ve been doing lots of training at physio, all working on my core, and it’s really helping. I think my back will give out a lot less once that is straightened out.

  3. On a somewhat related note, I am cursing the furnace for consistently firing up while I have the bedroom windows open. The auto control on the thermostat doesn’t seem to be as auto as I would like it to be.

    I hope all the hard work you have been doing to strengthen your core starts to pay off soon!

  4. Normally that’s what I do too, I can’t control the furnace from firing as that’s on my landlord’s end, so I shut all the vents this morning.

    My back is starting to settle, so I should be good to go back on Monday!

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