first carrots, now ladybugs

Did you know there are various colours of ladybugs? I did not.

Something new you’ve learned recently?



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8 responses to “first carrots, now ladybugs

  1. I had heard that there ladybugs come in various colours, but had never seen them before. I too doubt the skittle-coloured ones, but it would be lovely to have some blue ones in the garden.

    Carrots too, you say?

  2. I think so too. Yes, apparently carrots come in a variety of colours as well. I posted some yellow ones on my fb with the photo experiment. :)

  3. kelly

    I cannot play floor hockey with 20 year olds anymore.

    The difference between empathy and sympathy. I sympathized but couldn’t empathize.

    I learned to stay away from Lee Valley Tools….I was like a woman in a shoe store!

  4. iduality

    All valuable lessons!

    Tools and shoes…two things I don’t really like. I’m a very focused shopper when it comes to clothing, etc. However, put me in an art/paper store…I’ll be there all week.

  5. Fleur

    I knew there were orange and red lady bugs… and that the orange ones (from Asia) wreak havoc on our environment… in some way…that escapes me now. I didn’t know that they came in white though! Crazy!

    Hmm something new I’ve learned recently? Well I’ve been watching David Attenborough’s “The Trials of Life” every night before going to bed and man oh man. The weaver bird is nuts. It actually WEAVES its nest. It’s brutally difficult… and then their potential mates judge them on it. If they don’t get it right… no babies for them! And they have to redo it all over again.

    Also learning a lot about street drugs. Um… that sounded bad… but that’s just because I finished watching S3 finale of Breaking Bad! (such a good show btw!)

  6. iduality

    I didn’t know that they also wreak havoc on our environment! Learn something new everyday…

    I guess it’s properly named then, eh? That is pretty crazy though, especially how their nests are judged by potentially mates! Sorry, your weave is too sloppy. ..this can’t go any further. Actually…they may be on to something… ;)

    Haven’t watched Breaking Bad, but keep hearing good things.

  7. Fleur

    Yeah they’re definitely trials, there’s no question.

    Haha so true! Get to work on my house men! It better be up to snuff… or else!

  8. We’re so demanding aren’t we? Making them cook too… ;)

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