stop me if you’ve heard this one before

When do you know you are home?

I reckon I’ve asked this question before, but perhaps not to those who are reading now, or maybe so and your answer has just changed a bit.

Of course “home” can mean many things in itself.  Sights, smells, phrases and textures even.

Over the years, in the near decade since I’ve left my parents home, in my travels to various backyards, I’ve started to collect variations of “home.” Not recreating, as some of the very distinct things to me now, did not exist in my surroundings growing up. Which to me further proves that “home” is nothing constant, it’s always changing with you.

Mountains and moss-covered trees.

Water and bridges.



A freshly mowed lawn…

How about you. When do you know you are home?



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7 responses to “stop me if you’ve heard this one before

  1. kelly

    when the lovely lady on the GPS tells me?

  2. kelly

    Seriously though I have been giving that concept some thought lately. Trying to determine if it’s where I live (Vancouver Island) or the friends I have here. Or maybe it’s still related to my family and friends in Regina even though I haven’t lived there for almost 17 years. Is it my house? Although a house is just a building we do try to make it comfortable and “home”. I guess it’s here because this is where I choose to be.

  3. I had throw my GPS out the window, it kept sending me in circles.

    “Home” is definitely a combination of many things.

  4. Home sometimes takes a while to happen, and I think it can definitely be more than one place. I think that you are right that it is a complex concept. I think that we find flashes of home in many places, many moments.

    But a comfy chesterfield sure helps.

  5. iduality

    I like that phrase – “Flashes of home.”

    Chesterfield one of the key ingredients. :)

  6. Fleur

    I think it has something to do with making the space your own, and also the people you share it with.

    It’s strange though, there’s something almost intangible about feeling at home with a place. I remember looking for a house with my three friends while we were still in first year. We looked at a few houses, and when we found the one we ultimately stayed in for three more years, our first reaction was “this is home”.

    To be honest, I don’t think I’ve felt that way since. I’d like to, but I definitely don’t right now. Maybe it has something to do with the whole concrete box thing… hmmm

  7. I had that same feeling when we went looking for houses in first year, and we stayed for three years there as well.

    It’s hard to find a place that feels like home when you’re not overly pleased with your location. I think that’s going to be my biggest problem when I move back East to the GTA. Grrr…concrete.

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