Still finding blue icing lurking on surfaces in my kitchen (from my cupcake making the other night). I’m not exactly sure how it got behind the toaster. Perhaps it wasn’t from the previous night, I must be dream baking again. Dammit.

Thinking that supermarket asparagus has gotten too big. If it’s a loonie-width around, that’s just too large in my opinion.

Not overly excited about the 8 hours of mandatory volunteer time I have to put in today for work. The whole working 6 days a week, but getting paid for 5 is getting old.

Wondering if I’m a bit mad for seriously considering enrolling in the Fine Art Certificate Program at Emily Carr. I’m taking this Art History course (love), and a practical photo print making class in the fall. I could just continue…

Really digging the singles that have been released for the new Arcade Fire album. Cannot wait for the full, 16 songs!

Managed to kill a cactus.

Currently…you are?



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4 responses to “currently…

  1. Mellowlee

    …craving blue icing right now! ;) That totally sucks that your weekend was highjacked! xo

  2. Ha! I’ll have to make some for the next time I see you, Mel. :) Indeed, it does. Hope yours is going splendidly though! It’s sunny out. Amazing.

  3. Mandatory volunteering goes beyond being an oxymoron, when it takes away a sunny Saturday! That is just so wrong.

    The SU apparently heard quite a few of the new Arcade Fire singles on XMU whilst driving cross country, and he highly approved too.

  4. Especially when it costs me money as well. *fist shake*

    Glad to hear the SU approves too. :) I’m really looking forward to the whole album.

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