clearly, i’m not handclapping enough to provide upper body strength

Today I had a kinesiology assessment at physio. Something that has been in the works for a while, and finally my claim has been approved through the powers that be so I can stop paying myself. Now I can start strengthening along with regular acupuncture, etc.I knew my muscles had atrophied, I just did not realize how much.

One of the devices they tested out on me today was pictured above. I had to grip as hard as I could and then they measured how much grip ‘strength’ I had. My right arm – 6. My left arm – 10.  I’m right-handed, but that’s also that side I was injured on the most. Apparently, these numbers are not good. Horrible, in fact. Another female patient in there at the same time as me (roughly the same age), was gripping 50-60.

The kinesiologist seemed a bit shocked, and wondered how I was managing my day-to-day. This is where my humour defense always kicks in, as it’s the only way I’m able to deal with the constant pain. Truth is, it hasn’t been good. Even the simplest of tasks, like grocery shopping, or household chores are terribly difficult. However, I am also really stubborn and tend to continue to do things even when it hurts (why I’m not healing that well), so it was good to have someone remind me “Can you do this?” “Yes, but it hurts.” “Then no, you can’t. Yet.” So I’m hopeful that real progress can be made here soon, instead of just a band-aid solution.

Any lessons that you’ve been reminded of lately?



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5 responses to “clearly, i’m not handclapping enough to provide upper body strength

  1. Mine was “stay off the damn monkey bars, I’m not 20 anymore.”

  2. Monkey bars, and trees…so tempting to climb aren’t they? ;)

  3. kelly

    yes there is

  4. Oh my dear, I hate to scare you off growing old, but every day I am given reminders! Aging is not for sissies, I am told.

    I am shocked at your grip results, frankly. Here’s hoping that you get some great results from physio, so that we can have that arm-wrestling contest we are always talking about.

  5. Kelly: Excellent.

    Barb: I kind of feel like I’m trapped in a much older body at the moment. I really want to get my strength back so I won’t have troubles later on.

    I, and my therapists, were as well. I’ll get it back though. I’m determined to get back into arm wrestling. ;)

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