7 random pictures that made me smile today {part xii}

and one trailer…



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8 responses to “7 random pictures that made me smile today {part xii}

  1. kelly

    the picture with the pink shoes and black shoes makes me think of kids with no worries, no bills, nothing but the moment. A time many many years ago.

    Did you understand and enjoy the movie Lost in Translation? I’m afraid it was totally lost in translation on me. Could be I’m not a “sophisticated” movie watcher

  2. Yes, there is an innocence about that shot in particular. I own pink chucks and have a penchant for boys who wear them too. They still remain my favourite shoe and I have many a bill and worry in me head. ;)

    Lost in Translation is one of my favourite films. S.Coppola’s works can be an acquired taste for some. I think what people dislike the most is the pace (at least in the discussions I’ve had with others who have said they did not understand LIT). At it’s crux, it’s really just a story of two people going through their versions of ‘Who am I and what am I doing here?’ at mid and quarter parts in life. They just happen to be at a hotel in Tokyo while doing so. One things for sure – she sure knows how to choose a soundtrack.

  3. I’ve always thought that the only proper places to eat watermelon are outside or over the kitchen sink. This third option is one better!

  4. iduality

    Most definitely. I think it’s how I will attempt to eat watermelon from now on.

  5. I, like Kelly, am not a huge fan of LIT, but I watched it again before traveling to Japan and liked it marginally more. The fifth picture down, of the strangling, is okay, but I really like the top one. 2 car pictures? Planning a road trip?

  6. Ha ha ha! Pink chucks in air, will now forever be known as the strangling. ;) Well done. Top one is my favourite, made me want to go on a trip. I have a lot of short plane trips planned for the summer, so I think my subconscious was missing the road trip. The blurry lights of the second car pic reminds me of my commute into Van as well…sigh.

  7. Personally, I gotta try the underwater water mellon munching!

    I love your random pictures btw…..

  8. Just seems like it would be a lot of fun, doesn’t?

    Thanks, it’s a nice change from writing and I enjoy searching for new images.

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