Is there a film that you hope to never see a remake of?

I just heard that they are thinking about remaking The Goonies and The Outsiders and my heart sank a bit. Also, didn’t know that the remake of Red Dawn was already in production. Bah.

Why must we tamper with old classics, and more importantly, what is the attraction of the remake? Is is purely financial?

Is there a book that you’d like to see made into a film? Is there one you hope they just leave as is?



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  1. kelly

    Not sure which movies I wouldn’t want to see a remake of. If they were bad to start with then I figure why bother but if they were really good, then I figure it will ruin the memory of it.

    The problem with books into movies is the length of the movie. Where a book can take days (or weeks) to read it allows the development of the characters, insight into thoughts emotions etc that can’t be shown in a movie in 2 hours.

    That just made me think back to the mini-series Roots that came out in 1977. I’m thinking it was 10 parts over several weeks. It was before we had cable in Regina. I was 14 and remember the family sitting and watching it every night it was on.

    I don’t think I answered any of your questions

  2. El Fear

    Not really into the remake thing. I would like to see the Stranger by Camus as a movie and I would really really with extra whip cream on top like to see a movie version of Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis, possibly with Jackie Earl Haley as Spider Jerusalem, if the gods are smiling.

  3. iduality

    Kelly: Well my point was they keep ruining good films be remaking them. It’s even worse when they reboot a bad remake…which I hear they’re doing with the not even a decade old Spiderman series.

    Yes, it takes a really good director to turn a novel into a film. It can be done, but it’s rare.

    Fearless: The Stranger would be a interesting movie, again, need the right director for the project. Reminds me of this article I saw on Cracked a few months back…”Michael Bay to direct The Great Gatsby”, I think my heart stopped. ;) That project would need an international director like Tom Tykwer or somewhat.

    Considering they are doing heaps of graphic novels these days, I’m surprised that isn’t already in production…perhaps soon!

  4. bloody awful poetry

    I heard that someone’s turning “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower” and Kerouac’s “On The Road” into films soon, and I’m not so psyched about either one. Especially with Wallflower, since the cast is apparently going to include a bunch of really pretty teenagers.

    I also have my doubts about the big-screen version of Avatar (although it’s not technically a remake) because I was quite a fan of the animated series. I love that little bald kid.

  5. Just today I joked (after a discussion about the unnecessary Karate Kid and A-Team) that they should do a remake of the Goonies. I was joking, oh god, I was joking!

  6. serah

    I hate remakes. Having said, I am sure there are a many movies that are yet to be made that i would truly appreciate, here is my list of demands:
    – velvet underground, or nico
    -francoise hardy
    -joan baez
    -richard brautigan: in watermelon sugar
    – and a decent beats epic

  7. BAP: Well, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower being made into a film does make sense as it was published by MTV. Hmm…I’m not really thrilled about On the Road though. I didn’t know this, so I did some searching and feel a bit more comfortable now that I know who is attached to the project (director of the Motorcycle Diaries and it’s being produced by Coppola). Starts filming this summer apparently.

    You should have doubts about Avatar. ;)

    John: You put that into the universe and furthered the momentum! *fist shake* ;)

    Serah: That is a good list…but one that could go horribly in the wrong hands…I’m intrigued with this Coppola Kerouac project though, we’ll see how that goes before I start wishing for a Beat epic. ;)

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