Thinking that I’m going to a ‘Currently’ post as weekly wrap-up type thing. We’ll see how long it lasts.

Eating these wonderful little candies called Jelly Bellys, perhaps you’ve heard of them. I’d heard of, but never had one before. Quite delicious. I’m glad I only had a little package. It’s a dangerous thing once the flavour of cheesecake can be made bite size. Do you have a favourite, or least favourite flavour?

Wondering how an alternative rock station can call itself an alternative rock station and play Jack Johnson? I’m giving you one more chance 100.5 but if I hear James Blunt, our relationship is over.

Thinking it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a really great movie. I must change this. Anyone have any good recommends?

Have “Soft Kitty” stuck in my head.

Thinking about taking a “significant” amount of time off (for my job at least) in December. Most would have to be unpaid, unless I bank a lot and with all the overtime I work now, probably would actually work out. And the museum does close its doors for two weeks over the holidays…so I could potentially take the month, and do some traveling. Back to England, and then we’ll see. Of course, doing this, means not visiting back East for the next while, as I cannot afford both. The cost of a long distance relationship…

For now though…getting ready to go out for sushi, and off later to hear some live music with friends at the Waldorf. Good thing cider cures migraines. Wait…

Currently…you are?



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7 responses to “currently…

  1. El Fear

    My favorite Jelly Belly is banana flavored. Jelly Belly is the company behind the real life incarnation of Berttie Botts Every Flavor Jelly Beans from the Harry Potter books, and as much as I loathe them I must say they really did nail the vomit flavored one.

    There is an “alternative” station here that plays Metallica. Really loose with that term in radio, apparently.

    Currently, I am bemoaning the fact that my car is gonna cost me $700 to fix and may be the reason I don’t get to see Pixies. :(

  2. Ah, that makes a lot of sense. Don’t know why I didn’t put that together. I was really tempted to try the butter popcorn flavour I saw yesterday.

    I think so.

    Ah, that’s rubbish! I’m sorry to hear that. I just had to shell out $600 for my car in March. However, it was not as painful as your situation, as it didn’t stand between me and Pixies tickets. Are tickets super expensive too? Come on money shrub! Hope there’s still a way for you to see them…

  3. kelly

    a current movie or a rental? I’m thinking you aren’t a shoot em up action movie type of girl perhaps I be mistaken. How about the movie The Fall? Set in 1930’s (I think) California hospital / institution. The little girl in it was magnificent. Not typical movie I go for but beautifully filmed. Sigh…maybe I’m getting old.

    What defines an alternative station? Both of those guys would be alternative for me, because I’m not familiar with either. I experienced satellite radio last week in a rental….I love it. Travelling 3 hours on the highway, so many choices..

    I once bought a 9 pound box of jelly belly’s…don’t ask. For $30 how could I resist.

    Currently?…hmmm…I really can’t think of anything significant…that’s a sad statement.

  4. Well, I do love Die Hard. Sometimes, shit needs to blow up. I actually own The Fall. Great film, and yes, cinematography was breathtaking.

    I would classify Jack Johnson as crap soft pop, and Metallica as metal (to me at least). Of the bands mentioned in this comment section Pixies would be the only one classified as alternative rock, which is a term used describe various subgenres of independent rock music. I’m sure there is a proper definition out there somewhere though. In radio, as mentioned, they use this very loosely.

    I always enjoy listening to talk radio on satellite. Indeed, lots of choices!

  5. kelly

    yes I listened to a bunch of reggae, comedy, pretty much everything but hard rock, techno and hip hop.

    Next time I can afford a new car maybe it’ll be in it…but my new car wil be a used car.

  6. Christmas in England? That does sound pretty splendid. When you have your eye on that sort of prize it does make it easier to put some other things on hold. I do hope that your plans work out.

  7. Kelly: Yeah, they are a spendy feature. I’ll be sticking with my cd mixes for now.

    Barb: No, the weeks before Xmas. I don’t like traveling directly over the holidays anymore, just too stressful. I hope so too. I plan to bank a lot of time this summer.

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