I had this whole post typed out about people’s resistance to change. However, I think I’ll save it for another day. Whenever I have to pause for more than a few seconds when writing a post, I know it’s time to move on and hit draft. I like to work with the whole stream of consciousness thing, and it was just feeling forced.

Next subject.

Filigree: Delicate and intricate ornamental work made from gold, silver, or other fine twisted wire.  Anything very delicate or fanciful.

I was using this word a lot when accessioning some jewelry last week. I’ve also taken to using its made up form in regards to baking. Before I would have said, “My your chocolate filigree cake looks stunning.”  Now, “That’s Filigrious!”*

Favourite words/phrases as of late?

*when pronouncing add an extra r, it makes more of an impact.



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7 responses to “unword

  1. kelly

    ok this is not politically correct but…..”tard happy”

  2. can’t say i have ever heard that one before…

  3. I’ve been teaching myself cat lately. My newly mastered feline words are “meeyep”, “mraaack”, and “brlup”. All are complaints.

  4. bloody awful poetry

    I’m sorry, I totally had a bunch of fun new words I was going to tell you about, then I looked at your sidebar and saw that you’re off to see The National in September and I’m having a hard time deciding between futile jealousy or being happy for you.

  5. Barb: Brlup is a fine new cat word. Has some texture to it.

    BAP: Ha ha! I’m sorry to cause a paradox for you. If it helps, I’m having a case (or two) of futile jealously over a couple of concerts I cannot attend this summer, but friends can, and one involves the Pixies.

  6. El Fear

    A couple of recent favorites:

    1. “Word Salad” – too many words in a lyric

    As in, “sorry about the word salad in the third verse, I’ll try to fix it”

    2. “Douchepocalypse” – stole this from HIMYM.

    “Did you got to Tim’s party?”

    “Yeah, but it was a total douchepocalypse, so I left early”

  7. I love “word salad!” I think that has legs and could definitely apply to things outside of lyrics. I might have to steal that for when I’m teaching interpretation writing.

    Was that the HIMYM with the doppelganger wrestler Ted? Think so…

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