words will break us down

My friend Fearless posted about this band The Morning Benders, the other day and I just had to share their goodness with you all here.

When I listened to the track ‘Excuses’ I thought it sounded like Sam Cooke meets Broken Bells. The rest of the album definitely evolves, fulfills its title – Big Echo – and I know it’s one I’ll have on repeat for a while. Here are a few tracks for you…


Cold War

All Day Day Light

A lot of the upbeat tracks make me wanna whistle and eat ice cream. Always a good combo. Well, perhaps not together, but after one another.



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4 responses to “words will break us down

  1. bloody awful poetry

    I was a huge fan of their Bedroom Covers album, but somehow Big Echo isn’t really doing it for me yet. But I think I’ll go have a re-listen and see what’s changed :)

  2. I’m really enjoying Big Echo, digging it also as it is their own material. However, if you say Bedroom Covers is ace I will certainly have to take a listen! Hopefully this album grows on you.

  3. I’ve been hearing the Morning Benders quite a bit lately on some sites and have liked them quite a lot, enough to jot down their name. Which says a lot in this climate of far too much new music to keep up with.

  4. I hadn’t heard of them before this, so it was a pleasant surprise. I hope you like the album. :) BAP is right, their Bedroom Covers album is quite splendid too.

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