serenity now

I had to remove Comic Sans from all the work computers today.

It was for my own sanity.

And my students safety.



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7 responses to “serenity now

  1. El Fear

    Microsoft BOB – so much to answer for.

  2. This explains so much! I had forgotten about him. *fist shake*

  3. We drove past a dental office the other day that had its sign displayed proudly in Comic Sans. The RO speculated that perhaps she could get a job changing their sign to something less irritating.

  4. Ha! That would probably be a very lucrative job; removing Comic Sans from the world. ;)

  5. kelly

    remind me to never use it again…I feel so, um, whats the word? Like a person who fell victim to a bad fashion choice but never reaalized it. So sorry will change my ways. I never ever used it in correspondence, just in a few things.

    You font snob you.

  6. May this be a lesson to use font responsibly. ;)

  7. kelly

    I now consider myself fontally reformed

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