what ever happened to

The Pipettes?

I was at the gym this morning and they came onto my ipod (had it on shuffle), and I forgot how catchy the album We Are The Pipettes was. Wonder what ever happened to them.

Another band I loved, but they broke up in 2007…Pretty Girls Make Graves.

Have any old favourites you wish were still making music?



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5 responses to “what ever happened to

  1. El Fear

    Well, one of the band members, Rose, left the Pipettes. But they are just about to release a new album “Earth Vs The Pipettes”.

    It’s on my pile of things to listen to at some point.

    Check your inbox for more info…

  2. Ah, that would make sense why there was a delay in new material if the members changed. I’m intrigued to hear their latest, thanks for passing it along!

  3. Hmm. Apparently Rebecca left the band as well. Her voice is really missed on this album (in my opinion). Lacks the hooks of the last.

  4. There are lots of bands that I wish were still making music, but many have been split for decades or feature dead members. However, a recently split band that I am still lamenting the loss of is the Lucksmiths. I miss them!

  5. The Lucksmiths…hmm I don’t think I have heard of them. I will have to search them out, and then be sad they are not making music anymore. ;)

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