egg cup ready

What will they think of next?

Egg toaster.

What appliance can you not live without?

I wish I had one of these. I’m forever shooting ice cubes across the kitchen.


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2 responses to “egg cup ready

  1. “adjust heating time according to the maturity of the egg”? I don’t think I have ever developed that intimate a knowledge of the history of my breakfast eggs. Obviously I have been lax.

  2. Clearly. ;P

    I had to do some research on eggs when that egg brush came into the museum. Fact: Apparently when you hard boil and egg and then the shell comes off easily, and in one piece, it means the egg isn’t fresh. It’s better to have it peel in a million tiny pieces. However, most supermarket eggs are of the peel in one piece variety.

    So I guess we should all get our own chickens then. ;)

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