please put down your hands ’cause I see you

I love when lyrics pop into your head and you immediately have to listen to the song.

I was humming along to “These Days” by Nico this afternoon, while I was dicing up tomatoes to put into my salad. So I put on Chelsea Girl while I finished lunch, and tidied up my flat. After the record ended I of course had to listen to  The Velvet Underground & Nico and before I knew it, the afternoon had passed and I was in the middle of a craft project, with the window open just enough to hear the sound of the rain outside.

I love when afternoons feel like a lazy Sunday morning.

I think I’m going to go reread Blaze now. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.



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2 responses to “please put down your hands ’cause I see you

  1. What a nice coincidence, Nico has been coming up on my playlist a lot in the past week. There is something just so moody and rainy to her music. I can imagine it made for some inspired craft making.

  2. iduality

    Woohoo music synchronicity! Yes, it was a great album to have on in the background and let the creative juices flow.

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