7 random pictures that made me smile today {part ix}



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8 responses to “7 random pictures that made me smile today {part ix}

  1. I love the 4th picture so much, I can’t even tell you! It makes me grin, actually! And I think the roller skate one makes a most excellent FB profile pic.

  2. I love that one too! I want a library under the sea! I found that roller skate one after the tandem bike discussion – I think it was the universe reminding me that’s what happens when I roller skate and to be careful on the bike. ;)

  3. I’m usually a sucker for that washed out colours look, and you’ve got a few great ones amongst this week’s photos, but I’ll have to go with picture five instead– simply because it’s gotten Hawksley Workman’s “No Reason to Cry Out Your Eyes” stuck in my head.

  4. Funny, as I picked that one with you in mind. Not even for the Hawksley Workman reference either, as I’m not that familiar with his work.

  5. I don’t know why, but I’m touched. Thank-you.

  6. Oh man, I love the library dam. I always said that I would want a library in my future home, however now I must insist that it be fortified to hold back the great lake installed behind. :)

  7. It’s a tall order, but I totally agree. Perhaps we can pool our resources. ;)

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