who, what and where

I still can’t believe my team was able to guess “Top Hat” from me just yelling, “He wears this. I want to be him. Monocle.”

Yet they could not get “Cowboy Hat” from all my exhaustive clues.

Next time I will simply say, “You wear this with plaid and ride a horse.”

p.s. all trivia games are best played slightly tipsy.



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5 responses to “who, what and where

  1. Your team knows what is important to you! Tipsiness definitely helps.

    Hope your BD is going swimmingly!

  2. Trivia games are a lot of fun when you know your team so well.

    It was a great day, and weekend. I’m really sad to have to go to work tomorrow. *fist shake* ;)

  3. kelly

    i think cowboy hat would have been easier than top hat. Must have been the clue giver person. Sound like it was a lot of fun

  4. bloody awful poetry

    Sounds like fun! I’m curious though, what clues did you give to make a cowboy hat so difficult to guess?

    One of my favourite moments of this year was when we were all playing Taboo at a friend’s birthday party, and someone’s clue was “When aliens abduct you, they do this to your ass”. I, of course, joyfully yelled out “ANAL PROBE!”. With said friend’s parents in the room. Aaah. Memories.

  5. It was a lot of fun. It wasn’t my clues, I swear! My team got on the equestrian route and wasn’t getting off.

    That is hilarious, BAP. I would have probably yelled that out too. ;)

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