east wind

I like to start every trip across the country off with a morning acupuncture appointment where they hook the needles into an electric current. Really wakes you up.

I’m going to try and start every conversation this weekend with “New socks?” just because this picture makes me smile.

Do you have plans for the 2-4 weekend? I’m headed back home, to the parentals, to celebrate 4 different birthdays. Should be fun. Alcohol and Trivial Pursuit will be involved and well, that always ends well with a competitive family, doesn’t?

Stay tuned.


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3 responses to “east wind

  1. kelly

    I’ve had that acupuncture where it’s connected to electric current. Do they give you the control so you can adjust it. First time I had it I turned the knob too much…wow that was painful.

    So when airport security asks you a question…you’re going to answer…”New socks?”

    I haven’t played trivial pursuit in years, we use to do Sunday family games night…I miss that. One of my best memories was when we played pictionary and I guessed something wrong, it wasn’t even funny I don’t think. my dad started laughing uncontrollably, then I started laughing at him, we both had tears in our ours and couldn’t talk without laughing more. You know the laugh, it is impossible to stop, breathe, talk, anything but laugh. In the meantime the rest of the family stared at us. If you knew me you would know this is unusual, I am not a big laugher, maybe the odd chuckle but that’s it.

  2. I can’t think of anything finer than alcohol, Trivial Pursuit and a gaggle of competitive family members. Have a wonderful trip, regardless of the number of new socks you spy.

  3. Kelly: Thankfully, I was on my stomach and the machine that controlled the current was out of my reach.

    Sadly, I did not keep up with my promise to say “New Socks?” to everyone.

    I love those moments! There were lots of them tonight during our game night. I’ve lost my voice a bit from scream/laughing so hard.

    Barb: There really isn’t much is there? So far it’s been a great trip. Really sad it has to end so soon. Hope you house concert is going off without a hitch!

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