Have you ever ridden a tandem bicycle? Did you find it difficult?

I haven’t, but have always wanted to. They were out in full force today, as Mel and I walked around the seawall in Stanley Park. My Grandmother and her partner use to ride one all the time; we have all these crazy pictures of her with her tandem bike over various parts of California. I recall riding on the back when I was really young, but I think even then the parentals must have had the sense that my coordination was off, as I was never allowed to ride it, even when I grew up.

I proposed the tandem bike ride idea to the Boy, as we bike a lot anyway, and he just laughed. Abruptly stopping once he realized I was serious.

I’ve seen you fall from a standing position…you want a ride a tandem bicycle through the busiest park in Van?

Well, yes.

Good thing I have my own helmet.



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9 responses to “tandem

  1. A few weeks ago in Lord Stanley’s park I saw a small armada of unicyclists blissfully rolling past the sea wall…. I though how incredibly fun it would be to learn to ride one of these, though a helmet would definitely not be optional in my case. I also think the kind of people who do this sort of thing would be fun to hang out with.

    Personally, I think you and your guy should definitely do the tandem bike thing – you could also dress up in Victorian era summer attire (complete with a parasol and a big hat) and bring an old fashion picnic basket. Just a suggestion really…

  2. I agree! I’ve always thought unicyclists would be fun to hang out with too. When I was living in Kingston there use to be a guy who would ride his during all the seasons, and I marveled at his ability to balance in the winter months.

    Ha! Oh yes, a parasol would be key. I could steal costumes from the museum too. ;) I’ve convinced him, so when he visits next that’s the plan. We’re going to go around the lagoon first, as it’s less hilly.

  3. kelly

    I’m betting you didn’t convince him about the victorian costume though

  4. iduality

    Not yet. Not yet. ;)

  5. The Boy says as long as he can have a top hat and monocle, he’s game. Oh, and a bell for the bike.

  6. I see no good coming of this! I admit that this is a lovely romantic idea, but sweet jeebus, I fear the reality would be terrifyingly difficult.

  7. That’s what the Boy said at first. I think it’ll be okay. Stay tuned for more details… :)

  8. Personally, I can’t wait for photographic evidence!

  9. I will be sure to take lots of photos…or have something take photos rather. Taking photos while biking would certainly end in disaster. ;)

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