death by scrabble

I stole this from John. This clip is based on the short story “Death by Scrabble” by Charlie Fish.

Found this particularly amusing as The Boy and I play a lot of Scrabble (iGoogle online is a new favourite), and sometimes it gets a little intense. Mainly, I get annoyed when he uses simple words, but my level of annoyance is on par to his when teaching me how to play chess…a continual process, it seems. Thankfully, it never gets as heated as below.

Do you have a favourite game?



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8 responses to “death by scrabble

  1. We used to love Settlers of Catan. But the friend that used to play with us has moved, and we can’t seem to find anyone else that shares our interest in it.

  2. The Boy likes that one. Similar to RISK but no warfare aspect, right? All my board game friends are back east, so I sympathize.

  3. I’ve heard people say it’s similar to Risk, but I’ve never played Risk so I couldn’t say. Debbie claims it’s similar to Monopoly, but she sniffs glue. I hate Monopoly, so I know that comparison is crazy.

  4. Ha! Yeah, Monopoly (or the game that never ends) is certainly a tedious one. I was never a fan of The Game of Life. We used to play it a lot as a family when I was young (along with Monopoly). I much preferred Trivia Pursuit.

  5. I love games where you can just bellow out answers. But I have realised since the ill-fated games night in Vancouver a couple of months ago, that I have lost my board game edge. I think my reflexes are slowing down.

    That’s a great short story. Reminds me of you the SU and I used to give ourselves migraines playing Scrabble.

  6. Choclair!! Family Guy!!

    He will never live that down. ;)

    I do love games like that too, which is why I always enjoy Trivial Pursuit. We’re going to have a games night when I go home for the 2-4 weekend – can’t wait.

    It sometimes gets to that point doesn’t? We need to play with more people perhaps.

  7. El Fear

    iGoogle – that’s like the google version of facebook or sommat?

    I like board games in general and will play anything once. My faves are Scrabble, RISK, and Trivial Pursuit.

    Settlers of Catan looks fun, never played it but I am always up for a good game. I know there is a version of it on XBOX that you can play over the internet, so I bet there is probably an online version for Mac and PC.

    Diplomacy is a great game that nobody I know has an interest in playing. It’s like RISK without the dice.

  8. Kind of…but less annoying. Its just a personalized Google homepage, which has been around for years. You can add applications/widgets (weather, news sites, games) to it. I use the weather and Scrabble one the most.

    Indeed, there is an online version of Settlers of Catan!

    Ha. The Boy has the same problem with that game. I don’t like RISK, so I can’t see myself enjoying Diplomacy.

    I usually find some new ones here…

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