little vision come…come and shake me up

it’s just after 10pm…why i am still working?

i’m not that dedicated…although i guess doing research and checking my work e-mail obsessively from home kind of negates that. i’m frazzled with these interviews and all the admin work that goes along with it, plus grant contract renegotiations and all the other projects i need to be doing but don’t have time in my actual work week to do. right now, i do a lot of my curatorial duties at home…we desperately need more staff.

even with all that, i need to make things more interesting. of course. i’ve enrolled in the Continuing Education program at Emily Carr University and i’m going to be doing some Art History classes over the summer, starting the first week of June. my brain needs to be stretched again and these classes will certainly help with professional development, which my employer is just not providing at the moment. i’m hoping i can fuel my frustrations into something a bit more positive, and i’m sure those around me are tired of listening to me complain about work.

what are you up to these days?



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2 responses to “little vision come…come and shake me up

  1. Strangely, I completely understand how, when you are swamped with work, the right thing to do is to enroll in a course. An art history course will be perfect for you and will provide the added structure of a comittment to be elsewhere one evening per week (I assume) and not to just keep working.

    Smart move! I am sure you will love it. Dangerously close to the rugelach vendor though…

  2. That’s what I’m hoping. And yes, it’s once a week for 3 hours for 3 months. First course is issues in contemporary art, which I’m excited about.

    I know! I think the market closes right around the time my class starts so hopefully I won’t be tempted. :) Slightly worried about getting to the island during rush hour though…

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