Managed to make it through the first round of interviewees today, have another day lined up tomorrow.

I’m hoping by the end of it I can get at least one person to answer this question:

What do you know about the {insert my organization’s name here}?

How hard is it to Google the place you’re going to an interview for? That should be one of the first things you do.

Obviously there is more to the interview than knowing that, but it tells me at least you’ve taken the initiative to do some research.

Bah. Well, at least I didn’t have it this bad.

What’s a good random/fun question I should ask? Near the end of the day, it gets a bit boring hearing the same thing. Thinking I should have something to help differentiate the candidates too (besides my notes).



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  1. El Fear

    I suppose “What kind of clown are you, the crying on the outside or crying on the inside kind?” is not appropriate.

  2. Probably not…although that would be funny. :) Give extra points if they can name the reference too.

  3. How about it you ask them if they would rather have the power of flight or invisibility? Because both are very important for working at {insert name of your organization here}.

  4. Ha ha! The senior student interviews are over, but I am using that one for the jr. ones later this month. :)

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