kind regards

That’s how I sign off most of my work emails as of late, especially as a lot of them have been “Unfortunately you didn’t make the shortlist for our interviews…”

It’s one step up from “Take Care” and there are few phrases I dislike more than that one. Normally I’m more of a “Cheers” person,  but I thought that might be a bit tactless. I know I give this far too much thought, but I am an overthinker and I always put too much effort into things, even telling people no.

On an unrelated topic…have you ever heard of eating elbow macaroni cooked, but cold, and sprinkled with white sugar?

We were talking about favourite snacks earlier and someone brought that up.

I’m on an grilled asparagus with lime kick myself…



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9 responses to “kind regards

  1. kelly

    why is take care a bad thing? I use it sometimes when talking, not in correspondence though. I do dislike the usual “How are you?” If people are really not interested in knowing. I suppose it is one of those social niceties that we do without thought. When I do ask I am truly interested in knowing…good or bad (hopefully good)

    I have never heard of macaroni and sugar. Nutritionally speaking it is awful, as the pasta converts to sugar and well the sugar is…already sugar (aka white death) I suspect I would enjoy it

  2. My dislike of the phrase “take care” is in no way rational, it’s just one of those terms I find so overused, it gives me a bit of nervous twitch. I’m sure I’ve slipped and probably use it unconsciously but when I do, it’s usually “take care of yourself” and I do mean it. I got in the habit of using “Kind regards” when I was living in England, as that was how all professional correspondence ended.


  3. kelly

    Ha? Ha? Ha you say?
    Well ummm
    Take care


  4. Yes, Ha! as I enjoyed how you came to the decision that you would enjoy the food combo. Thanks for the take care though…I hadn’t exercised a fist shake yet today.

  5. El Fear

    Macaroni and Sug? never heard of it but it’s fun to say.

    Sod Off.. er… I mean Take Care!

  6. Does have a bit of a ring to it…apparently it’s a Ukrainian comfort food/snack. At least from the source who shared the story with me.

    You too. ;)

  7. kelly

    Thought about it more…the one I hate is!

    Have a nice day.

  8. oh wow. ability to embedded youtube links in comments…that’s new!

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