lawn darts

Every generation has different toys. Some will become classics, and some will forever be questionable. I’m sure somewhere still at my parents house there is a collection of California Raisins figurines packed in tightly next to my Whiz Kid computer and table-top pin ball game. The 80s definitely had some very questionable toy choices, which is why my brother and I would have the most fun picking through my dad’s old toy collection.

I recall this Secret Spy briefcase that would provide hours of amusement. Inside the briefcase came a large toy weapon, which my parents removed and we were just allowed to play with the camera and the briefcase. We didn’t remind them that the briefcase itself shot plastic bullets (oh did those hurt), they soon became wise and took all the plastic bullets but it was still a fun toy to create different scenarios with. Heck, even with just the camera and periscope we managed to have hours of fun. Then again we also spent hours with Lego’s building things and making up new rules to made up games like Can’t Touch The Carpet. It didn’t take much to put us into our own little world.

The reason I got to thinking about kids toys today was after I saw this link to a product called Silly Bandz. They are rubber bands in different shapes…am I missing something here? Anyway…

What were your favourite toys as a kid?



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  1. kelly

    oh where to begin….
    Honestly never had a lot of toys, there was not a great deal of money but…….

    When I got my first (and only i guess) air rifle at Christmas that was cool. Weird how typing that suddenly brings back memories of playing cowboys and indians (or first nations people if you prefer). And remembering when I got a plastic sheriffs star in a box of cracker jacks. Come to think of it that was a potentially dangerous game, stuffing dirt in the barrel in the hopes of blowing it out and then once I recall popping up from hiding behind a covered wagon (in reality our station wagon..a 1966 Impala I think…green) and another kid with a bow and arrow set let fly and I don’t know why I had my mouth open but…yes the arrow entered and hit the inside of my cheek…serious ouch.

    Crazy Carpet was another good one, although our wooden toboggan when waxed went much better.

    I think the most hours of fun was had with our train sets. They belonged to my dad, my brother and me. We set up huge tracks on sheets of plywood in the basement. The trains themselves were very cool, blew smoke, made noise etc. My brother had one train that was an army train that fired missiles and rockets. We had very few accessories but we built our own tunnels and stuff with Lego which was another awesome toy. I’m sure at one one time you could find a piece of Lego almost anywhere in the house.

    Now that I’m thinking I can come up with a few more but…I’ll quit with this

  2. Ouch! I feel as though safety wasn’t as big of a concern back then. There are definitely some hazardous toys made. The briefcase mentioned in the post contained a lot of dangerous things.

    Loved Crazy Carpets…Flying Saucers too.

    If you like trains you should visit where I work. Barb can back me up here…largest train diorama…ever (well at least in the province). I always loved the train as a mode of transport, not so much the model side of things, but it’s rather amazing walking into a space like that. I do love miniatures. I can see how you’d spend a lot of time building them as a kid.

  3. kelly

    you know what’s kinda funny. There are the people who won’t let there kids play with guns or violent toys etc because they feel they will grow up with more of a violent tendency. I think there is some truth to that but it depends very much on the parenting that goes along with the play with the guns etc. Take me for example, dad was in the army at one time, even though he was administration. He was a very kind and gentle person and I believe that is where my influence came from. I have never in my life hit someone in anger, (I’ve felt the urge some days). I enjoy shooting but I don’t own guns, although I don’t think it is bad if you do, in fact some good deer sausage is always appreciated. My one “fight” involved a girl punching me in the head because her friend was fighting my friend. I got accused of beating her up because she tried to hit me again and being the smart guy I am…I moved…she fell and scraped her face in the gravel. I recall her name was Rhonda something. End point is I guess that I don’t think it matters what toys you get, it’s all about parenting. Now I don’t want you thinking I’m a wussy mama’s boy… I hike, I fish, I play sports (badly), I would say I work and play hard but, being a firefighter, we get so few days of really hard work…but I try. I am just a non-confrontational, non-aggressive person.

    What museum do you work at I’d love to see it next time I brave the traffic of the lower mainland? Recently I took the float plane over to downtown Vancouver for a seminar….it sure beats the ferry if you don’t need a car.

    I must be in a rambling mode right now.

  4. ali

    Oh. My. God. That spy briefcase is the coolest thing ever. In fact, I think I still might be enough of a child to buy myself one. ;-)

  5. Definitely check out the train exhibition at Allison’s museum, Kelly! You’ll be amazed.

    As for myself, I had a stick with a nail in it, of course, and I was damned glad to have it.

    My brother, on the other hand, got a chemistry set one Christmas! Almost blew the house up, it was great!

  6. John: Figurine collectors unite! ;)

    Kelly: Yes, it is definitely a combination of the parenting that goes along with the toys, too. My parents were very good with communication, we had lots of discussions growing up, so I always understood the root of everything.

    I work in M Ridge. It’s definitely a trip out. Shame we don’t have more public transit out here.

    Ali: It is quite the gadget. I’ll keep that in mind for your next birthday!

    Barb: A chemistry set would have been a lot of fun! They must still make them? I can see them being a bit dangerous…but oh the possibilites!

  7. sillybandzmania

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