grand pianos crash together

Sometimes I really do love my job.

I get to put forth ideas, and help design mosaic street art that is going into the city centre. Modeled after community walks in other areas in the lower mainland we’re doing the same out here and normally this process would take forever but the committee is just four people (myself included), and they want it done in the next few weeks.

I am excite.

If you were to go out right now and design some street art in your community what would you create?



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5 responses to “grand pianos crash together

  1. How fun! Will this be permanent? For some reason I picture the mosaic embedded into the pavement.

    They would never do street art in my community. Tis far too suburban. Until fairly recently there was a colour palette that had to be adhered to for the houses.

  2. Yes, they will be permanent! When you’re in Van this weekend you’ll have to look for the ones done there.

    That’s a shame. At least the colour palette restrictions has been lifted. Even things like those left prints you’ll find in the sidewalks here cheer things up a bit.

  3. Mellowlee

    That IS exciting! I love those mosaics!

  4. kelly

    those are very cool…make people stop and look for a while.

    While I really like the idea of the mosaic with the pieces of tile because it has an artistic kind of old feel to it…..I know what I’m talking about but not sure how to describe what I’m talking about..

    It would be neat to see holograms on the sidewalk

  5. Mel: They are really cool. I like how they’ve incorporated them into a community walk.

    Kelly: It is nice to see a different kind of texture/material on the sidewalk besides cement. I’ve always favoured tiled walkways. Spain has the best ones.

    Perhaps holograms are in our future…

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