(witty title here)

What did you do this morning?

I researched Bloodletting tools/techniques for a display.

Tip: if you ever find yourself researching this in the future, eating food while doing so is not wise.

Phleem: A cutting tool specifically designed for veterinary bloodletting. Until the development of modern medicine, it was common to cut open horses’ veins to treat various diseases. Bloodletting was an effectual treatment to improve their health.

I wonder what this afternoon will bring…



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2 responses to “(witty title here)

  1. Advice noted, thank you. That actually sounds quite fascinating. The history of medicine (or veterinary medicine, as the case may be) is full of intriguing and scarcely believable notions.

  2. The pictures were a bit much, but I have a weak stomach. The history was really intriguing though, yes. They used that instrument (well, a variation) on humans too…goes back centuries. We have some very interesting medical artifacts here. I’m working on more interpretation currently. I just did a “What Is It Used For?” interactive display (where the phleem fit in)…I’m thinking I could add another WTF? category to the medical display, too. ;P

    Sadly, my afternoon has not been as exciting. I’m drowning in student resumes. If only I could be pulled out by well written cover letter…my day would be made. ;)

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