perhaps i’ve been wrong…

This video really could use some background music, but it still makes me laugh.

Have I been wrong in my assertion that all squirrels are evil and heartless? Could this video be proof that they stand up for their fellow creatures even after a roadside death?

Or…is he just keeping the crows at bay so he can have the other all to himself?



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4 responses to “perhaps i’ve been wrong…

  1. f

    Yep, keeping the crow at bay because it’s his meal. At the 47 second mark you see him clean his paws in preparation of the meal.

  2. Love that part! You can almost hear him mutter ‘Excellent’ under his breath… ;)

  3. That actually kind of breaks my heart a little bit! Especially when the squirrel lies down next to the corpse of his fallen comrade.

  4. I dunno, I think he’s laying down in order to pounce by surprise. ;)

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