the little things

i dream of a world where stephen fry audiobooks do not exist.

specifically the harry potter series.

either jk rowling needs to pen more novels, or i’m going to go out of my mind soon.

every single day my boss listens to them.

every.single. day.

i can’t listen to music because then she can’t concentrate and we don’t have doors on our offices. i can’t wear headphones, as then i can’t hear my surroundings and wouldn’t be able to get the door or the phone. bah.

what sound or noise do you hate?



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9 responses to “the little things

  1. f

    The sound of high heels on a wood floor. Not sure why, probably something Freudian from my childhood.

    I generally like Stephen Fry, thought his conversation with Craig Ferguson was quite good. But I guess hearing him say ‘arry Potter again and again would be rather grating on the soul.

    Perhaps you should purchase a new Audio Book for your boss. Hitchiker’s Guide maybe??

  2. Interesting. The sound of heels on cement always bothered me (different pitch). Or shoes squeaking on linoleum.

    I like Stephen Fry as well, especially loved his conversation with Ferguson, too. But yeah, hearing his voice every single day reciting the novels is a bit too much, I would suspect for even his biggest fan.

    Apparently his voice is the only one she can “work in the background to”, but it’s worth a try. I do enjoy my Douglas Adams.

  3. kelly

    The woman down at town hall who has a voice kind of like that old show about the maid or nanny with the big boobs and tight dresses. High pitched, squeaky. She is such a nice pleasant helpful person…but the voice

    Did you see that Tim Robbins movie were he becomes a noise vigilante after being subjected too car alarms?

  4. The Nanny with Fran Drescher is who I think you’re referring too. Yeah, a voice like that is a bit intense. Does she have the wonderful laugh too?

    Aptly titled, Noise. No, I haven’t seen it. Worth watching?

  5. Wait a minute, you can listen to music because then your boss can’t concentrate but she can listen to books? Does that not impinge on your concentration? Words being so much harder to ignore than music, methinks.

    The sound that I hate most in the world is woodpeckers eating my house. For a variety of reasons.

  6. Poor, poor woman I feel your pain… You may want to consider the route that I had to take. Involved purchase of some high quality ear buds. Mind you I only use one. That way I can still hear the phone and other external stimulii yet hear relatively high fidelity music at the same time. Might sound unorthodox but it works great for me.

    As for the sounds that I currently hate… The Nickelback ringtone an office mate just purchased for her phone… Ugh. I didn’t think I could hate them any more than I did. Sure do now though; on a plane I never thought imagineable.

  7. Barb: Apparently for her, music is harder to ignore than words being read. I guess she can tune it out easier.

    Ah yes, that is a frustrating sound. Especially as we know destruction follows.

    Sean: Hmm…that isn’t a bad idea. That would definitely drown out some of the sound at the very least. I’ll have to go searching for some for ear buds soon. :)

    Ah! That is bad. I guess I should take some small comfort in the fact that I don’t have to listen to them all hours of the day, every single day. That would be just…well…let’s not go there.

  8. f

    So she can tune out words easily, eh? Makes one wonder what she is really thinking about during meetings. “I bet I could turn Stephen Fry…”

  9. I never thought of that…this explains a lot though. She slips easily into the eye glaze, something more is definitely going on there.

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