In a little while I’m going on a “walkabout” with my Operations Committee and the municipality, and we are touring all of the buildings we own in the city. The purpose is to see what repairs, etc need to be done and to make sure everything is in order.

Every single time someone says “walkabout” to me or I have to say it myself I think of Lost and John Locke and I expect someone to come bursting into the room with a suitcase of knives ready to go off on an adventure.  At least I’ll have something to amuse myself with during the 4 hour meeting this morning. I don’t think if I make a joke it will be appreciated. I shall resist the temptation…

How to do amuse yourself in boring meetings?



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8 responses to “walkabout

  1. I no longer have the pleasure of boring meetings, but I used to alternative between writing blog posts in my head and concentrating on avoiding the head bob without benefit of toothpicks holding up eyelids.

  2. iduality

    I thought my head was going to explode today. Way too long for a meeting, a break was needed. People kept talking in circles and interrupting each other. So hard when you can’t say anything. In my head I was hitting them all with my clip board, but couldn’t drift too much as I was taking minutes.

  3. f

    I’m not allowed to amuse myself during meetings anymore, got in big trouble last time and was told to keep my pants on at all times while at work.

  4. iduality

    Don’t you hate it when that happens? You should just start wearing a kilt.

  5. kelly

    speaking of walking…2 of my favourite books are about walking.

    One: Walk Across America by Peter Jenkins.

    Two: The Long Walk by Richard Bachman (who is really Stephen King)

    Both brilliant books and I see both published in 1979. First book inspiring. An account of the authors walk solo walk across America, and the people he met. Second book mot so much. Not typical Stephen King stuff, for me his best work although I haven’t read a lot of his. It’s not a horror scary type book but I found it hypnotic and was drawn into it and the participants in the walk.

  6. kelly

    where did my long post here go?

  7. kelly

    now its here….odd

  8. It was in my Spam filter! Weird. I moved it out.

    I love reading King under Bachman. One of my favourites of his is Blaze. I need to re read that one, its been a few years. I haven’t heard of the first one, but it sounds interesting. I’m headed to the library tomorrow – this weekend feels like a curl up on the couch and read a whole book in a sitting kind of weekend. ;)

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