tumbling down

Wolf Parade kicked off their spring/summer tour last week on the East coast, and here is a live video from their show in Toronto where they debuted a new song “Fast Ballad”, which will be on their upcoming record Expo 86.

I cannot wait to see them in July. Finally.



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7 responses to “tumbling down

  1. f

    Not gonna listen… lucky with new BSS and LCD I won’t be tempted for a while…

  2. I never really took to BSS. Tried to force myself, but didn’t do much for me. Haven’t listened to their latest though, perhaps it’s different.

    I think I will have LCD on repeat for quite a while though. Tis addicting.

  3. bloody awful poetry

    Never really got into Wolf Parade until a few days ago. I had always confused them with Wolfmother and Wolf People and couldn’t be bothered sorting all of it out. New song sounds good though =)

  4. I can actually only take Wolf Parade in small doses (it’s that yelping) but I’m glad that you’ve got some concerts to mark on your calendar. Pretty excited about the Buzzcocks, myself.

  5. iduality

    BAP: Glad things are now sorted. Never knew there was a band called Wolf People…

    Barb: They really haven’t done yelping since their first album, so since about 2005. You should listen to their last disc, you might surprise yourself. Me too! They are playing here end of May, just got my tickets in the mail. :)

  6. I dunno, I still hear yelping… I think I am just sensitized to ir.

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