Oh, the mysteries that land on my desk.

Just took these shots on my phone, as I haven’t accepted it into the collection still trying to figure out exactly what it is and how it works. The label says one thing (Magic Egg Brush), but the spring at the top makes me think there is more to this gadget.

Any ideas?

Off to search through more catalogues…

Nevermind, mystery solved. Thank goodness for legible labels, I was able to read the patent number and search from there. Huzzah!



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6 responses to “scrambled

  1. I assume those eggs must be fresh from the hen’s bum if they require that much cleaning. I wonder if those machines were big sellers?

  2. iduality

    Most certainly. Wasn’t really a machine, as it was a handle held device. I’m sure how popular they would have been, but apparently from the stories I’ve gathered so far, they were quite helpful on farms.

  3. kelly

    but what is the spring thing on the top for?

  4. The block was cut at the top (you can’t really tell in the photo), and the white plastic handle I think (from talking with the owner) was used as a hook to hang the device up when not being used. I don’t think the spring/handle was used for anything else in particular, I would suspect it was even glued into the wood at one time, so it wouldn’t even act as a spring.

  5. Wonder if the Slapchop guy has seen this…

  6. Ha! Stop having dirty eggs… ;)

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