when you open your mind to the impossible, sometimes you find the truth

When Fringe debuted last year I caught snippets but never really kept track properly of what was going on. I caught it when I was home, but never made the effort to watch online. However I’d had a renewed interest these past few weeks and I’m in the process of (re)watching back episodes.

Have you watched it?

Of course now I am completely hooked, mainly because of one character – Dr. Walter Bishop played by John Noble. He’s character is so eccentric yet so lovable, even when he does very questionable things, which he does quite frequently. He is becoming my favourite television doctor, which is why I thought this clip I found on YouTube was funny; House vs. Bishop.

Another show I’m also re-watching is The Thick of It. Ah, the Brits do comedy the best. Anything good on your telly lately?



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3 responses to “when you open your mind to the impossible, sometimes you find the truth

  1. That Bishop character does look like one I’d like to spend some time with!

    I’m still working my way through Arrested Development, and catch myself laughing out loud, which is unusual when watching by myself. Other than that I do stop by occasionally when the SU is watching cooking shows, to offer my opinions.

  2. The perfect mad scientist; I really love the actor, he plays the part so very well.

    Glad to hear you are enjoying AD, it was one of my favourites when it was on. I hope they do a movie someday, only if everyone signs on. The Food Network gets a good amount of air time around here. Always good to watch while eating or making dinner, I find. Then you’re not as hungry. ;)

  3. Derek

    I do have to admit that the first season tensions between Walter and Peter were beginning to grate before the season ended. It was a real relief to see them starting to get along in season two. I’m glad that you have a renewed interest in the show and in my opinion you will not be disappointed with it. Since one of JJ Abrams’ other shows ended, Fringe is now top of my list.

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