pixy stix weren’t all that bad either

I stumbled across this site last week via Digg; Candy From Our Childhood.

What was your favourite candy as a kid? And today?

I loved going to the corner store for 1¢ and 5¢ candies.

I remember when they made the switch from little brown paper bags to clear plastic ones so the cashiers could see how much we had inside instead of just taking our word. They got wise to our loose translations.

Now I have a weakness for chocolate. Oh, chocolate.  I tend to freeze it, so it’s then a surprise when I find it later. Frozen Snickers is one of my favourites (chop before freezing).



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9 responses to “pixy stix weren’t all that bad either

  1. f

    Mine was the Million Dollar bar which they don’t make anymore and haven’t for a long time, it was a lovely lattice of milk chocolate and caramel. yum.

    Bullseye’s are a latter day favorite.

    I prefer to not chop my Snicker’s before freezing so as to get that moment where you aren’t quite sure which is gonna break first, your tooth or the candy.

  2. f

    Okay, so after doing some google research, I have discovered that what I remember as being The “Million Dollar Bar” is in fact named “Marathon Bar” and was discontinued in 1981. Hey, I was young :P

  3. Mmmm. Milk chocolate and caramel, two of my favourites! I just Googled it and they still make a UK version of it. I recall seeing it, as the name always struck me as funny (Curly Wurly). Gotta love Cadbury. Another reason to visit England. ;)

    I’m ordering some old fashion candy for the museum (mainly candy sticks), it’s listed on the site too. So there you go, the Interweb will bring you anything you thought was discontinued. Ah, childhood never dies!

    That moment of first break is what I fear!

  4. kelly

    i use to and still go through phases. I will buy one type of candy for a period until I tire of it and then switch. A had an Eatmore bar phase, a green mint phase (spearmints?) a goodies phase…lately it’s chocolate covered almonds

  5. You know what I haven’t had in a long time, but do enjoy are those chewy types of mints (no idea what they’re called). I don’t usually care for hard candy, but I like those mints. Chocolate covered almonds are a good choice, chocolate covered anything really!

  6. I used to love Sweet Tarts. I remember them being massive! You could work on one of those things (and remain permanently puckered) for days.

    Rockets make a reasonable sustitute these days.

    Favourite chocolate bars (other than the fancy chocolate of course) still remain Coffee Crisp and Peanut Butter Cups.

  7. iduality

    I can only handle Rockets in very small doses, so you can imagine how good I am with Sweet Tarts.

    With you on the chocolate bars though. I could go for some peanut butter cups now….

  8. kelly

    coincidentally last night after this or because of this I went and bought a chocolate bar. It was a chili chocolate bar…a bit of heat and sweet

  9. Hard to get chocolate off the brain isn’t? I’ve never had a chili chocolate bar before. I will have to look for one. Heat and sweet sounds good to me.

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