7 random pictures that made me smile today {part III}

Trying to channel the whimsical today.

Today is normally my Wednesday, but now it’s Monday. The price paid for a long weekend.

I’ve been in BC for over a year now, coming close to a year and a half. Feeling nomadic tendencies start to percolate again.

So I look at whimsical art to distract. As it’s not so easy to flee anymore.


Awesome Paper Art

New tee.



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3 responses to “7 random pictures that made me smile today {part III}

  1. I miss my little suitcase record player, although I never did have a shag carpet. Nor a lava lamp, come to think of it.

    My favourite picture is the three panelled one below the ill-fated Scrabble game (ain’t THAT the truth?). It reminds me of the German picture books that my Opa used to send for Christmas.

  2. Great pics. I’d see one and think, that’s my favourite. Then I’d see another and change my mind. For now I’ll settle on #2. Reminds me of Georges Melies films.

    While I don’t encourage rash decisions, I would beg to differ on one point: it’s ALWAYS easy to flee. We’re considering Brunei.

  3. Barb: I miss my shag carpet. Twas the best for dancing on.

    That one is fun, isn’t? So many things going on. I stared at it for a quite awhile when I found it. It does have that old school picture book feel to it, now that you mention it.

    John: I want to make that picture into a painting. I love the colours.

    Aye, I would beg to differ. It’s somewhat easy to flee for brief periods of time (say vacations), but it becomes increasingly hard to flee with contractual obligations and mountainous student debt. One can dream though. I do plan to leave BC by the end of 2011 at the latest though. Compass point TBA. ;)

    Brunei, really? Wow. Adventurous. I like it!

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